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263 Roundtable - When Grunge Hit - John Mottola, Juli Gort Finn & Derek Archambault

September 14, 2022

Welcome to the first ever roundtable discussion on the HaskinCast podcast with my friends Juli Gort Finn and John Mottola and my new friend Derek Archambault.  We dig into something I don’t know much about – the Alternative / Grunge music scene of the 1990’s.


Suggested playlist:


Crown of Thorns-Mother Love Bone

Nearly lost you there – Screaming Trees

Would?-Alice In Chains

Even Flow-Pearl Jam

The Smashing Pumpkins – Silverfuck

Alice in Chains – Them Bones

Stone Temple Pilots – Crackerman

Pearl Jam – Rearviewmirror

Temple of the Dog – Pushin’ Forward Back

Soundgarden – Drawing Flies


Juli Gort:

Guitar Club https://julifinn.com/jonandjulisguitarclub


Ukulele Club https://julifinn.com/julis-ukulele-club


Juli’s website https://julifinn.com


Juli’s YouTube YouTube.com/julisgtr



John Mottola’s Links:


Instagram – jhurricane_



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